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Find your fans.

Being visible on social media is a non-negotiable for many businesses, but it’s not unusual for strategy to take a backseat during the rush to gain that presence. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be highly effective at providing brands with a means of two-way communication, while contributing to customer loyalty and sales growth.

But without a clear strategy that integrates with your overall marketing plan, efforts to leverage the power of social media can easily be wasted… along with your budget.

Getting off on the right foot.

As highly experienced brand marketers, digital advertising specialists and strategic thinkers, Two Moons regularly helps businesses win at social media – and we do it well. So, beginning with a strategy session, let us set up your brand for a successful social life that delivers followers, new customers, and consistently positive results.

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Social Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examples
Social Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examplesSocial Media Marketing examples

Success stories

For a property management agency based in Perth’s western suburbs.
Growing their social media following with a targeted audience.
The campaign experienced 1,800+ likes on one Instagram post alone.
During the campaign’s first month.

Social media strategy applied.

While any business can easily and affordably set up a social media page, it’s the ‘what comes next’ that requires serious thought. Working closely with your team, we’ll help you to develop an effective and sustainable plan of attack that will see your social media activities align with your business goals.

The fastest way to grow followers and build brand awareness is through paid advertising. When you engage Two Moons to manage your social media advertising, you will have full transparency into the advertising strategy, creative process, campaign performance and (of course!) your budget.

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Social media content creation.

If your product or service is unique, it probably requires a unique way to show it off. Once your plan has been laid out, we are able to create skilful copywriting to deliver on-brand, engaging content that’ll resonate with your target market. We also direct creative assets such as photo and video shoots, animation, and editing of media to suit any platform.

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Frequently Asked

What are the benefits of being on social media?

Unlike traditional advertising channels such as press, TV, and radio – social media is incredibly targeted, measurable, and affordable! It’s also an excellent driver of traffic to your website and should be considered an extension of your sales team.

How often should I be posting?

A good rule of thumb is 2+ times per week. But depending on your services and the platform that is best for your brand – more frequently could be okay, and less frequently might also be appropriate. We can work with you to determine what post frequency is best for you.

Negative feedback scares me! How will this be managed?

Every business enters social media marketing with feelings of trepidation. You’re not alone! The best way to respond to negative feedback is with a quick and genuine response that addresses their concerns. Don’t ignore them. If you can take the conversation offline, this will allow you to handle the feedback away from other followers. But if not – keep your tone respectful, apologetic, and sincere.

Which social media platform should I be on?

The answer to this depends on the sector you are in, the demographic you are trying to reach, and the services you provide. For example, an accountant supporting businesses would be best off advertising through LinkedIn than the more conversational platform of Facebook – whereas a homewares brand should be present on Instagram, which is highly visual.

How much should I spend on social media advertising?

If you’re looking at social media as part of a broader digital marketing strategy – we’d recommend committing around 25%-40% of your digital advertising budget towards social media. When running an advertising campaign, you can choose to set a total budget or daily budget – it’s completely up to you, but we will recommend what we believe will work best.

What results should I expect to see?

• Being able to communicate with followers quickly and regularly.
• Increased conversions through two-way conversation with potential customers.
• Increased brand loyalty with your followers, giving you a competitive edge.
• Having insight into who your market is, if its changing and what additional services you could be providing.

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